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Full Version: Anyone have the new YN neon colors yet
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Wondered if these were genuinly neon acrylic colors. I know I wont need all of them, but sure want a few of them. I would love a review of these.
I'm not sure what you mean by "new"? They've had their Neon acrylic collection the whole five years I've been doing nails, and they are nice and neon! I did see they have a new color collection that just came out, and I don't have them... yet!
Ok, I was just on their website, and they DISCONTINUED their neon collection! I am shocked. Good thing I have a few extras, but I will now have to charge extra for clients who want the neons. Ugh.
They are advertising these as the new pop bright acrylics.
I saw that - I'm really confused as to why they removed a collection. I've only been in the industry for five years, but in that time they have not added any new glitter or colored acrylics, and I know they've been requested by at least a few of us! It seems counterintuitive to not just have MORE colors, since that's what we all want! Oh, well... I do so little acrylic these days that I probably won't even buy the new collection, even though a few colors look pretty good - a few of them seem very similar to the old neon collection though.
I didnt know this was basically an old collectionConfused They havent come out with anything since block party and that was an acrylic collection which I did love, but definatly ready for some new pretties. I do wish I could see some of the colors on nails....I cant imagine a neon plum.
I have the new collection...they are pretty but def not neon....I can't believe they discontinued the neon collection. They have none left in stock in Cali...I called my florida reps and they had a few random colors and had no reason why they aren't making them sad! I love neon!
I knew about the block party collection, but it was just existing colors pre-mixed, not actually different colors. I think they were primarily for convenience for those who didn't want to mix. If I had more acrylic clients I would jump on the new collection, or several colors anyway - but I seem to be in a gel cycle right now, maybe when that changes...
the new pop bright collection is gorgeous as well as the new pigments and mani q collections. so many new nail art options!
Who has genuine neon colors them, if these arent so bright?
(05-20-2013, 11:35 AM)jennie Wrote: [ -> ]Who has genuine neon colors them, if these arent so bright?

inm has some great brights truly neon. i think they're called bright lights. also a few years ago i got some t.e.n. pigments that were super neon that i mixed into acrylic.