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Full Version: Young Nails Safety Bit
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Has anyone had any issues with their safety bit falling on the floor and breaking? The first one I bought fell and the stem broke. I emailed them and they told me it was a "safety" feature. To prevent using a bent bit in your efile. I bought that explanation and actually purchased another one because I love it so much. Well today it rolled off the desk and broke!! OMG! I am so upset. Anyone else have this issue?

I've had lots of bits fall on the floor and never had a single one break. That being said, I don't use the YN bits. I get mine from Atwood Ind. They've got some awesome bits and Bruce and Nicole are very helpful. Shipping is super fast, too.
I love the safety bit. I haven't had any problems though...
I love the Safety Bit too. I own a couple, no problems to report.
Yes, I have had this happen as well. One of our clients knocked the e-file on the floor and the bit snapped right off. I didn't think too much of it, but I never had that happen before with any other bit.
It does make sense, I wouldn't want to be using a bit that was slightly bent (not visible to the naked eye), because if it's just slightly bent it makes a difference in how smooth the operation is and the angle of the bit to the nail. That said, I don't use their safety bit, because by the time they came out with it I was already in my groove of using the x-cut (or similar) bit to file off gel polish (above the base layer buffer) and then coming back with the sanding band for prep.
I have had it happen with the cheap bits I have bought at the supply house for $7. LOL But I dropped them. Thats why I am scared to buy one for $50 when I am the issue.
I bought these form ebay (china), and they are actually very nice.