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Full Version: what are the hot colors?
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what do you find the most requested colors? I'm trying to get a good lineup of colors but find it hard to decide ...I currently have 26 colors in my shopping cart & trying to weed some out ... with the great price on Cuccio right now, I'd like to take advantage but I really didn't want to spend $200 right now ...
Loribe have u used Cuccio on a lot of clients? I have one of their colors & it went on great & held up for 2 weeks well on 1 client so far.
Where r u getting them from for what price?
For me in NJ- so far & I'm new- have requests for PINKS... I thought I had enough & found after a few repeats they appeared "bored" with my selections! In a rush I ran out to Cosmoprof & bought a few more-- ugh ended up with 2 of the same :-(
Good luck!! I primarily use Gelish, but have dabbed in a few other brands. I do like using the Cuccio eco soak off colors a lot
I have just started doing gel mani-s so haven't used it alot yet but happy so far ...I read some real good reviews on Cuccio here on this site & other places. This month, The Industry Source has Cuccio Veneer/Lacquer duos for $7.94! Good time to stock!

I was thinking I should have 2-3 really nice pinks, a beige/greige ...a good red or 2, coral, maybe one or 2 of the blackish (like a plumb/black maybe??) Of course a White for French

Are blues in demand? I wonder if those are worth getting in gels??
I pretty much use all the different colors - I currently have almost 100, most of Mani-Q's and about 45 Gelish plus some Cuccio, and today will be ordering the 28 Cuccio colors that I don't already have, so now I will have their whole duos collection. In my experience there are so many variations in pinks, reds, blues, whatever, that even if you have 2-3 really nice ones of each shade it won't be enough. Clients all have their own idea of what a good "red" is and so on!