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Full Version: Dumb stuff we do.....
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I just did a gel service and half way through I realized I hadn't put the base coat on... of course on a new client. Thankfully she was very nice. I'm usually very careful.
So help me out and tell me some of the stupid stuff you've done.... Wink
I guess nobody does stupid stuff???

...we all have a brain fart now & then!
A few weeks ago, I was applying some gel polish to a long standing client and, once I was finished, I just felt a little uncomfortable about the process. I have a regular routine I do when it comes to services and something just didn't feel right! However, I looked everything over and it all looked good.

That night I actually had a dream that I forgot to put the base coat on this client! Well, off and on for the next two weeks, I would have this crazy feeling that when this client was coming back, I'd see a huge mess!

She came back and guess what? Nothing was wrong! It all looked great! Except for one of her thumbs was a little dull. She said I had forgotten to TOP COAT that thumb! She didn't tell me (she didn't want to embarrass me!)

Surprisingly, except for the dullness, the polish was on just fine with no chipping or wear! I must have subconsciously known I had forgotten the top coat and it interrupted my regular routine!


Just the other day I was rolling back to my nail table in my chair and I hit my nail table like a ditz and smudged my prom mani's pinky.... oops! I'm usually not a freak lol. Saturday was madness.... just needed a little fun haha