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Full Version: fading flowers
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I used Gelish- I applied a flower to the nail & used structure & then top it off....looked awesome! 2 weeks * she returns * the flowers were purple & FADED?
Any ideas what to do differently?
I have a question: you applied Structure gel over the flower and then Top it Off? Just curious as to why you didn't apply the Structure gel first?

Bowie, MD
Sorry- 2 coats of color & then thin coat of structure to give the flower something to stick to.
If i could figure out how to post a picture I would! Lol
Is this an acrylic flower? I've seen this type if discoloration and I think it's normal. I think Top It Off discolors more so than other gel top coats. Sometimes when I'm buffing the top coat for removal, there is a drastic color change once all the top coat is removed. Also, it's possible your client came in contact with something that discolored the flower. May not be an error on your part.
No it's a flat petal flower-paper thin. Didn't think of chemicals or such ...
They just do that. The yellow ones will usually disappear.
Wow- bummer