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Full Version: Nail art help
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I recently started doing nail art and I am totally out of my comfort zone. So I did a Gel enhancements and added rhinestones, but my rhinestones are cloudy and not shiny anymore. I am sure it's cause of the glue that I used to secure the stones in place. How do I keep the stones from getting cloudy?
I could be wrong - I don't glue- just place them in uncured gel - once cured mine don't come out?
If they are acrylic stones, they will get cloudy. Your best bet is to go with swarovski crystals. You can secure them by putting a tiny bit of nail glue under them then taking a very small liner brush and brush clear gel around them then cure.
The gel you use also makes a huge difference! In my experience, gelish structure doesn't seal in stones well. Calgel and Brisa Lite are my favorites! Or you could always lightly buff the.surface and use a small ball of acrylic and place the stone on.
I appreciate your help. I will try both of those methods
Glue can make the stones shiny unfortunately