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Full Version: CND Vinylux Summer Brights Sample Kit
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Just picked up the new sample kit at CosmoProf and made up a sample wheel of the four new colors in the kit. Colors seem to go on very nicely and the top coat looks shiny.

I had been reading online that some technicians were disappointed that the top coat was not shiny, but seems OK to me. That's a relief as these new products help to keep us busy!!
The top coat is very shiny. You won't be disappointed!
Tried it out two days ago... not a single chip. And the top coat has a nice shine in my opinion =) love the stuff so far let's see....
Hey Cluury's about a week now - how did the Vinylux do for you?
I got a chip on the 8th which is phenomenal for me Smile I am definitely impressed. The top cat isn't suuuuper shiny but the shine I did have after 5 days was adequate.