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Full Version: *Help with lace!
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Hi everyone!
I need your help! I want to try encapsulating lace on gel enhanccements, so do I put the lace on top of uncured gel layer, then cure, then cover again with gel etc?
Do you find it easier to encapsulate it with acrylic? Please give me some hints!
I would cure a thin layer. Then lay down the lace (let it stick in the inhibition layer) and encapsulate with gel.
Lay down a thin layer and cure, then another thin layer lay in the lace, then take a ziplock baggie and cut yourself enough to wrap around the nail and pinch together under the finger, this helps hold the lace into place and kind of presses it into the gel flat at the same time, then while pinching the baggie hold into the light for about 10-15 seconds then remove baggie then place into light for the rest of the cure, then proceed with further coats as needed
So, I tried it before I read your replies...
I put a layer of gel, put the lace, and then cure....the lace stuck great on the uncured gel! I don't think the lace would stick so well in the inhibition layer after it is cured...
and then I caped all in clear gel...will post pics later on....
Ooooh I want pics =)