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Full Version: Shipping!!!
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Just received an order from TEN wow fast and shipping was amazingly cheaper!!!! Shipped first class and why do some companies charge so much more and same size box. ;0/.
Is that an online company? If so what is the website?
the company is

I think the big difference is the size of the company, the amount of orders, possibly other factors. It needs to be noted that the paying an employee to processing & pack your order, as well as the paper, ink, wear & tear on the computer & printer.. the packaging material, in some cases actually taking the package to the drop off station - now you have gas and wear & tear + insurance on a vehicle. All these things cost money or have a value.. Size of the item, not just weight is a factor, as well the type of product (liquids, gels, breakables) matters in the amount of packaging - bubble wrap does not magically appear in the shipping room Smile and lastly if it is a "hazardous" item, a fee needs to be added depending on the delivery address.

OK off my little box now.. sorry!