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Full Version: do you do your own nails?
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Curious - do you do your own nails regularly or do you visit a colleague? Can you do your own nails as well as you can do another person?
I do my own, tho I wouldn't say I do them *regularly*. I'd LIKE to do them more often but when i've been doing nails all day, it's really hard for me to find the time/desire to work another couple of hrs. on myself....
I do my own every week and a half. I've been doing my own for so long they turn out just as good as when I do them on someone else. It just takes longer to do your own, so I do them while watching tv.
I do my own nails and have since the start of nail school 5+ years ago. while everyone else tells me how good my nails look I am still never 100% happy with them. also it takes me longer to do own and for that reason I've been know to go 6-8 week before I do them again.
Ive always done my own since I went to nail school almost 12 years ago. I believe If I can do my own, I can do anyones. I would love to let someone else do my nails but I genuinly dont think anyone locally would meet my standards. Ahh but the sheer thought of relaxing for an hour would be great.
(04-28-2013, 10:48 PM)jennie Wrote: [ -> ]Ive always done my own since I went to nail school almost 12 ...Ahh but the sheer thought of relaxing for an hour would be great.

treat yourself to a pedi then! that's relaxing
I do my own as well. Always have. Occasionally I go see a colleague, but I always go home and tweak them slightly again!
I rather do my own...I think why am I spending money when I can do them myself and have all the supplies I need right in my home based salon. I save on gas and money, and a tip
I don't do my own feet unless it's like a really dire situation. I do usually do my own fingers, but all that involves is filing off all of the free edge, and sometimes doing cuticles. I do massage therapy as well so I don't even wear polish on my fingers.
I do my own nails most of the time. Having a pedicure by someone else though, is and always will be one of my little luxuries. Smile
Always do my own... I am way too particular to have anyone else do them. I am also fortunate to have great natural nails that are very strong and grow like weeds so all they need is a file and polish. I have always been very good at doing my own which is why I decided to get my license 10 years ago.
I have always done my own nails as well, money was tight for us with 3 little kids so paying for them wasn't an option. I now run my own business and still wouldn't go to anyone, way too picky I think. I do find that when I do wild colours, designs and such I get so much attention. One solid colour doesn't get me any attention.
I do my own nails all the time. Occasionally I let a colleague do them for practice but I always re-file them and add stuff. I can't help it, I have very high standards for myself and if my nails aren't at that standard then people won't see that. Plus I thoroughly enjoy. I get to sit back watch some tele and have at it =)
I do my own and even thou it takes me longer to do them I would say they turn out great, on both hands. That's when I try new nail art designs, techniques, new products, I always try, test on me first. I also have the Nail Trainer hand to practice on. The more I practice the better I get.
I have extremely short nail beds that are square. Sometimes no matter what I do, I think some of them could look better. There is no way I would put someone thru the process, besides, I'm too picky. They may not be the best looking, but they look better than someone else doing them.