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Full Version: Question for those who have built a pedi stand.
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I am in the process of moving my at home salon to a new location. We have sold our house and so I will be in an office space for two years until our new place is finished. I have a pedicure throne that I use now, but there is no plumbing at the new space and I am thinking of just using my resin pedicure bowls for each service. I know a few of you have built custom pedicure stands and I was wondering if you would mind sharing your wisdom?
Is 18" tall enough for the base?
What do you use for the foot rest? Where did you buy it?
Do you have or need a railing?
I bought a leather chair and my husband is going to build me the base so it will be really nice.
Thanks for any help!!
I don't have a stand for the bowl. I have a platform where the chair and the bowl sits, and I'm on the ground. The client just uses the footrest for the resin bowls, and because I'm sitting lower the foot is at a good height for me to work.
I have some pics of my pedi station and the dimensions of it in an album on my salon's FB page. Just in case link doesn't work, you can check them out, it's the Salon Before & After Album on the Tips to Toes Nail Design Studio page. Here's the link:
Darcy, thank you so much. Those pictures are great!! So if I understand it correctly, the platform is a total of 13 1/2 inches tall, right? Also, where did you get the padded foot rests? That is exactly what I'm looking for!!
Yes, it is 13.5 inches high. We were limited by codes in the village, I would have liked it to be 18 inches, but because of the height of the ceiling and codes regarding both the distance from floor to ceiling And height of steps, we had to do it this way.
We made the foot rests. They are just a 2x4, cut down to the width that I *thought* would be good. (now I wish they were a little longer, I think 14/16 inches would be better) Then we added a Thick layer of dense Foam and covered it with the vinyl and stapled it to the bottom. We used 1" dowels to make the 4 little legs for the foot rest and drilled into bottom of 2x4 and down into the frame to set them into place. It works well. I do feel like it needs a rail or handle of some type, just to help people steady themselves, especially on the way down. But I have not found anything that will work the way I want it to, so for now, I just offer them a hand to help them down. Often they use the little table between the chairs as a stabilizer too.
I hope this helps!
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I so appreciate your help. I'll post pics when I get my place all done

Also, what is the heighth of the footrest?
For variety, you can also see my pedi station on my blog on my website - the Feb 2012 entry has pictures. Also, you can go to Nails Magazine's website and view their online issue for either June or July 2012 (not sure which anymore) and they did a two page spread with all the dimension and materials we used, as well as pictures. Good luck and have fun!
Thank you Candice!
I will check the footrest height for you...I missed that one. Smile