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Full Version: Do you Soak or File
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I am having a harsh reaction to the acetone on my fingers. I have been wearing gloves, using OPI foil to soak off the gel and I am still having problems. So I am considering filing off the gel, my questions is what e-file bit to use. I don't really care for the sanding bands they seem to drag with my e-file.
I hand file off the gel polish. My clients like it better then soaking & faster.
I use a coarse bit to file off the colored gel (the X-cut from Young Nails) and then use a sanding band for usual prep and to remove any bits of color left. I do apply two coats of base coat under the color so that I have a buffer and stay away from the natural nail. I also apply the protein bond to the whole nail instead of just the free edge, since I'm not removing all the base coat with removal. My clients really love that I'm not soaking off in acetone, and their nails are very healthy!

Alternatively, YN did come out with a safety bit specifically for filing off gel polish, and I believe they have a video showing it's use on their website. I would have used this bit, but by the time they came out with it I was already established in my removal process.