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Full Version: What are your must-have tools/implements?
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For an upcoming issue of Nailpro, we'll focus on implements (other than regular hand files) that a nail tech can’t live without--nippers, pushers, tweezers, orangewood sticks, scissors, clippers, e-file bits, etc. I'm looking for quotes from nail pros about their “can’t live without” tools--and why they’re so important to have in your nail arsenal.
Please email me with your thoughts by Friday, April 26, at [email protected] Don't forget to include your full name, salon name, title, city and state so I can credit you!
Tracy Morin
Contributing writer, Nailpro
Tweezerman V-nip cuticle nippers. There is not a single nail service I could imagine performing with them!
I love my curette. It is the single best tool I use for removing cuticle from the nail.