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Full Version: Acrylic or Gels
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Which do you do more of Acrylic or Gel nail enhancements?
So far Gel
i do more gels also, but lately i have had a several request 4 acrylic and i havent done that in about 2 years. i think i am gonna take a class again, the bulk of my bus have been SOGs which i love doing..but i gotta give the people what they want
I personally love acrylics. I feel like I have more artistic freedom. I love sculpting and fading and mixing crap (glitter, mylar, pigments etc.) into my acrylic lol
I do mostly acrylics, I can't say I am a big gel fan, though I will do gels I prefer acrylic!
Acrylics! ;-)
SOG and then acylics. I only have a couple of client that use the hard gel. I like the SOG because I can make more with them.
SOG appointment is 45 min and get $30 where as Acrylic for a fill 75 min and get $30.
I do more gel than acrylic
most of my clients are acrylic.