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Full Version: 'pur' gel lines?
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so I'm learning there are 'pure' gels and gels containing solvents ...pure gels seem to be a step above (?) ...I know Cuccio Veneer & Akzentz Luxio are pure ...what are some others? TY!
ibd Just Gel it!

Bowie, MD
I have sampled / used both Luxio & Cuccio and love the way they work!
However I enjoy Gelish as well!
Decisions Decisions-- RIGHT???
The telltale sign of a "pure" gel UV Gel Polish as opposed to a "hybrid" mix of lacquer & gel is the polish odor when you open the bottle. eco So Quick is another pure gel, as is ENP's Gella in addiiton to the already mentioned Cuccio Veneer
I was Googling IBD Just Gel ( Sally B doesn't carry this) ...found it on the The Nail Supply House for $8.00 for 1/2 oz. bottle, very reasonable