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Full Version: Hard gel on top of acrylic?
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There is a Young Nails video where he applies acrylic pink and white but finishes off with hard gel (not just a gel topcoat, but a layer of actual gel - I think it was the Synergy Flex or the Synergy Gloss).

He also has a video about forms on people with bitten nails. He basically puts a small pearl on the pink area near where a free edge would normally be, and he spreads it out to create a very small acrylic free edge. When that dries, he fits the form under it just as though he were putting it under a personal's natural nail free edge. The rest of that application is a regular acrylic application.

I prefer sculpting with forms rather than gluing on tips. So, I was thinking.....if acrylic and hard gel can play nice with each other without service breakdown (shown in the first video I described), when I have a client who comes in with really short nails that would be troublesome to fit with forms, do you think I could use the technique from the second video to create a small acrylic free edge, fit the form under that free edge, and then do the hard gel like I would normally do? I'm sure I can accomplish that, but I don't want to experiment on a client. Have any of you done that? Or, have any of you done any service at all where you combined hard gel with acrylic on the same nail? If so, was there any service breakdown (earlier than usual)?

Thanks for any advice or experience about this that you'd like to share with me.
I've used a gel and acrylic combo many different times with no problems. One particular client has a malformed nail with a deep trench running from cuticle to f/e on one half of her nail. I fill that in with Entity's coverage color, then finish the nails with gel. The nail last her for several weeks until it has to be redone due to the shape of the deformity.
I've also done what what you describe with great results.
I do this all the time on clients with short nail beds that are bitten or broken very low. But I do it with the gel I put a bit of gel on the skin, cure it, file a little bit and then put the form right under it. I like to file it just a tiny bit first because I find the gel sort of seeps just a tiny bit. if they have a lot of skin in the sidewall area sometimes i'll use a little bit of scotch tape to pull the skin down before I put the gel on the end.
There is a new LED Gel coming out (or is available right now) from Artistic Nail Design called "Rock Hard". I just heard about this new line at the IBS Show in NYC at one of Artistic's gel classes, and I had a sample nail applied to me. It is a new system that is designed so that their Rock Hard Liquid and Powder and Rock Hard Brush-On Gel can be used together.

The LED gel nail that they had applied to me held up very well (two weeks of no lifting or chipping), and it filed very nicely when I was ready to do a fill on it.

The instructor at the class gave me her card, and I am sure if you have questions about the new product line she would be happy to help. You can reach her through and her name is Alisha.