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Full Version: Congrats to Amy Becker **Masterworks**
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Fastest Nails Winner in Guiness World Records
According to Nail Talk Radio
Yes, I saw the video...congrats to Amy, and kind of dissapointed with Tammy's attitude...
I heard about that
At the risk of causing the next World War controversy, can someone fill me in on what happened? Or provide a link to the video?
Found the video on YouTube. WOW. TT was far more graceful than I probably would have been, in the heat of the moment. Congratulations to both the winner of the fastest set of sculptured nails and to the Guinness WR winner.
I can't find the video
I found it -- it was interesting, to say the least.
Reading this as I'm drinking my morning coffee. My coffee is in a handcrafted mug made on a wheel by an incredibly talented potter. (a gift from a much-loved client) My husband, however, is drinking his from a mass produced cup that was made by pouring material into a mold.
I don't see that the competition is any different. TT is the "talented potter" in that scenario. Amy, whom I've always respected as an artist and businesswoman, well.... I just don't feel like her set was "legitimate". It seems like she saw a loophole in the rules as they were written and she exploited it. She didn't exactly "cheat".
I'm betting that the new rules will say that inverted molds cannot be used.
(04-28-2013, 12:06 PM)youvegotnail! Wrote: [ -> ]I'm betting that the new rules will say that inverted molds cannot be used.
Or everyone will be using molds.
So Amy still won the Guinness record, but Nail Pro gave the award for fastest set of sculptured nails to Tammy?
A lot of people stopped after Amy was announced the winner, and Tammy kept working.

Personally the nail molds or pop its or whatever they call them remind me of Lee press-ons and in my opinion shouldn't be allowed in a sculptured nail contest.
Did anyone else catch it-or perhaps I misheard-when the judge-lady asked her if they were molds, because molds weren't allowed and she said "no, they're not molds, they're forms". It seemed to me like she knew she was bending/stretching the rules, and that they weren't REALLY sculpted, but she wanted to win. I'm sure the rules for next time will be much more specific as a result.
Yup.. I heard that too. Sad.
Its a long one! 22 minutes.
I didn't hear that the first time. so I just watched it again and she did say that. so i guess now my question is why wasn't the judge overseeing this an experienced nail professional because they would know the difference.
I guess #5 does not include inverted molds.

5. No products, such as inverted tips or any “cookie cutter” products may be used to form or assist in making a smile line. All smile lines must be done with a brush by hand. Paint on white of any type is not allowed. Smile lines must exist.
You still have to create the nail within the form. I feel it is just like a standard nail form but this one you have to do it upside down.
If it was "wrong" she would have been disqualified?