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Full Version: 9 watts or 36 watts?
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why do some instructions recommend 9watts rather than 36? TY!
I believe some gel products cure differently than others but the lower the wattage the longer it takes to cure. Smile
36 watt lights have 4 9watt bulbs in them, making it easier to cure all 5 fingers at once. If you use a 9 watt light, it is just a single bulb, so you would typically cure 4 fingers together and the thumbs separately. You will get the same cure, it only takes a little longer because you have to do the thumbs separate.
my lamp is 36 watts (4 bulbs)...but I have noticed some companies say to cure in a 9 watt lamp ultimately, 36 is always fine? ...maybe then, these companies are just stating 9 watts because that's the wattage of a bulb(??) ...I just wondered if a single bulb was ever 'prefered' to 4 ...must be not really - thanks!
I have a 9 watt light that I use for gel toes, it's the perfect size for that. Smile
I have always been told 36 watt lamps are actually 4x9 watts bulbs.
yes ...they are - my confusion is/was, that it seemed some companies recommended using only 9 watts (1 bulb) as opposed to a full 36 (or 4 bulbs) ... but perhaps I was just over-thinking it ...