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Can anyone suggest a good nail supply store in Baltimore or surrounding areas in Maryland? I am in PA but not far from Maryland. The only stores we have here are Cosmoprof and Sally's. I'm looking for a place that carries a large selection of brands of gel polishes in particular. Thanks!
I have same here- I typically buy online- save on tax & usually shipping! Also I find better prices!
What product brands are you looking for?
Try Professional Beauty Supply - they have a couple of store in Baltimore area. There's also Paul's Beauty Warehouse. Not sure if Paul's has a large nail selection - I go to the store in Capitol Heights and their gel polish selection is limited. Both sell to licensed pros only.

Bowie, MD
Thanks! Yeah I do order most of my supplies online. It's annoying how so many of the colors are so different than the pics when you get them. I have so many gel polishes that I don't use because they look nothing like the pic when I ordered them. I used to use the traditional gel polishes in the tubs and I think those colors are so much prettier and interesting, more depth and contrast. I saw Proffesional Beauty on the Internet and will prob make a trip down there today. I'm surprised that Baltimore doesn't have more supply houses.