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Full Version: Problem client
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Hi! I'm new here but I'm at my wits end with a client and I wonder if anyone has any great ideas.
I have a client that is really sweet and she really wants her nails to look good but everything I've tried has been a problem for her. I have 13 years experience under my belt but I'm stumped.
She started out with acrylic and it was great for about 6 months then suddenly she started have onycholysis on one nail, the next appointment it was 8 nails. No fungus, just onycholysis. I took her acrylic off. My best guess is that her nails are super sensitive and she just can't tolerate filing on top of the nail. It caused too much trauma. Either that or she developed an allergy. Either way - no acrylic or services that require filing on top of the nail. For a while we went to weekly manicures but her nails are so weak and thin this wasn't giving her results that she liked.
Then we started shellac. I made sure she had solar oil and she says she's using it daily. She's had it on for a few months now and now her nails are peeling and she says the shellac starts lifting after about a week (my other clients do not have this problem, so I don't think it's an application issue)
So now she wants to try something else but anything else would mean me investing in a new system that I'm not sure would even work. She even offered to buy a new system for me to try on her but this seems like a recipe for an unhappy client. So I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to pour a lot of money into trying something for one client but I have a good relationship with her and I want to help her. Any ideas?
Has anything changed for her medically?
She says no. She's about 70 so really it could be anything as far as that goes.
Yes it could be something medical.. but my suggestion, besides suggesting she get a good physical, is 1 or 2 thin layers of soak off or hard gel under the shellac.. a hard gel wont soak off.. you will only have to prep around the new growth applying a little more hard gel there.. if you use hard gel (not a soak off - 20 minute soak type) the the hard will remain while you soak the shellac every 2 weeks. This combo should give her some strength and her color. You might also investigate the new CND Brisa Lite. I have the paperwork here, and memory says it is a soak off type, but no filing of the natural nail is needed for prep. Check that out I could have my facts twisted on it..
I agree... Try hard gel. also, maybe biotin supplement as well to nourish her nails?
We have seen this quite a few times over the years. Can I just ask are you using tips or sculptured nail forms?