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Full Version: minx application
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Does anyone know how to apply minx without the lamp? Had instructions before, but I deleted them by mistake. Please Help!!
I always use the heat lamp when applying Minx. Some techs have purchased the bulb and used their own lamp to apply Minx. This is not recommended as it's not safe and the wattage of the bulb used to activate Minx is not compatible with most table lamps. Some techs have used a blow dryer, but I can't say whether this works or not. To guarantee the best results I follow the manufacturer's suggested instructions.

Bowie, MD
I use a blower dryer before it does work
I use a Minx Heat lamp but you can go to a pet store and use a tank heating lamp, just make sure that it has a temp control on it because you don't want it too hot that it will burn the clients hand. The blow dryer doesn't not heat it to the capacity that it should be heated to to adhere properly to the nail plate, it is also loud and and inconvenience to the client. I just recommend buying the heat lamp off the minx site. Smile