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Full Version: starpro acrylic
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Has anyone used the starpro acrylic line sold at cosmoprof? If so, what line would you compare it to?
I would wait for young nails to come to your Cosmoprof, its great stuff. Starpro is pretty generic, its ok, but it doesn't excel or stand out.
You can order YN online & they'll send you a sample!! Great company!
My Comprof in town said they should be getting in their YN by the 1st. Wooooh! So happy. My bunk town doesn't have a lot of beauty supplies lol
Yeah, I've tried YN and I did like it. Just saw in my Nails mag that it will be coming to Cosmoprof...yes!!! I hate waiting for shipping, even if it is just a couple days. So the starpro is a no go? Was thinking about using it for mixes
It has a really long cure time, at least, I feel it is for me, I hate waiting for acrylic to set! But it might be just fine if you're still learning and prefer a slower set time.