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Full Version: Moving my Studio into our new home!
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Well, we just closed escrow on our new home today! Yay! I gave notice at my current location, so I have to be out of my existing salon space by May 11th! There's not much to do, just paint, new flooring and new light fixtures, then the move. I'm so excited!
Congratulations!! I hope you will share pics once you are set up. Smile
I definitely will! This will be my FOURTH salon home in 4 years, crazy, but I'm probably an expert at moving shop lol.
best wishes! always exciting to set up shop!
Congrats Candice, hope you'll be super successful.
That's wonderful! Congratulations Candice! Much success and happiness to you in your new location!

Bowie, MD
Thanks everyone! Going to pick up paint and order flooring today! My landlady absolutely flipped out when she called me back about my 30 day notice - she's always been very quiet and doesn't say much - but she yelled at me, and told me not to talk when she was talking to me, even asked if I needed a Band-Aid over my mouth to keep me from talking. Tried to tell me I wasn't month to month, that I had renewed my lease! That's just a small part of the conversation, but it all worked out in the end because I stood my ground. Smile
I think you'll get on much better with your new landlady Wink
Yeah, though she's a slavedriver! Big Grin
Well, I was supposed to be out of my existing salon by May 11th. I called the other landlord (the husband) this week, trying to get the utility bills settled - I pay a flat monthly amount to them, as the utilities are shared between two business' and I pay 40% based on square footage, and at the end of each year they are supposed to give me copies of the bills and either a refund of overpayment or a bill if I owe more. They should have done this at the end of March, but they are always behind.

Anyway, when I called and said I'd like to get that taken care of by the end of the month, he said that he wasn't going to give me them and now I have to be out by April 30th! At the time, that was 11 days! When I said I have a contract, he can't do that, he said he owns the building and can do whatever he wants. He also tried the whole "Don't speak when I'm talking to you, until I tell you it's ok to talk..." I simply said, "Oh, I can't talk to you right now" and hung up. Why do people think they can order you around like you're a four year old who can be sent to their room? lmao

I looked at my calendar and it actually works perfect for me to be out by the 29th, but we will have to really push to get the painting and flooring all done. I'm hoping to finish the rest of the painting today, then next weekend will be the flooring AND the move. I think it will be do-able and I will save that 11 days of rent money, so I'm fine with it. Just completely shocked at how unprofessional and RUDE they both were. Smile