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Full Version: Edge nails?
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I have been in classes that did a quick overview of edge nails. At the time, I didnt really pay much attention because my clients all want short short nails. I know they arent new but want to give them a try to be different in the area. Are there special form for these and where can I go to learn these?
I Love the Edge nails, it is what I typically wear. You can use any form to create this shape of nail, I fold my forms down both sides and then one more crease down the center. Some forms you have to snip a Tiny piece out of the deepest point (as though you are cutting to accommodate a high hyponichium) then fit your form, raising the center fold just Slightly above the natural nail plate.
You can check out some detailed pics from NAILS mag here:
I know there are picture tutorials I've seen online...Basically you fold the form in the middle before peeling off the back. Then sculpt the nail to the correct shape, making it come to a point. There are tips on ebay. I think they call it sword tips.