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I was just wondering if the Beauty Secrets Acetone Professional Nourishing Nail Polish Remover sold at Sally Beauty would be comparable to the CND Shellac Nourishing Remover? The Nourishing Remover from CND is $17 for a 32oz compared to a 128oz for 17.99 which is a lot more than the 32oz. I don't think it is the same stuff or atleast strong enough to remove it but I just need someone else to chime in with there opinion Tongue... HELP HELP HELP!!!
Acetone is acetone. Don't waste your hard earned money. The "nourishing" thing is just a bit of oil to prevent drying. I've been using just the plain cheap acetone for 20 plus years. I pour it into a 16oz spout top bottle, add about a half teaspoon cuticle oil. Give it a shake before you use it. No way on this green earth would I ever pay $68 a gallon for acetone! Yowza!
I wouldn't pay $68 for a gallon either. The CND nourishing remover is 16.95 for 32oz and the Sally's Nourishing Acetone is 17.99 for a 128oz (1 gallon) so I was just wondering because I would rather pay the $18 for a 1 gallon instead of $17 for a 32oz you know what I am saying. More for my money LOL. So you are saying that the two would be comparable?
I purchase Beauty Secrets Pure Acetone from Sally's by the gallon, 5-6 gallons at a time and only when on sale : )
Yes it's the same chemically. Last time I bought acetone it was 9.99 on sale.
For the CND - $17*4= $68 a gallon! Ouch. I only buy pure acetone, which is cheap and does the job. I don't soak off gel polish, so no need to add any cuticle oil - I really only use acetone to remove regular polish and once in a blue moon soak off of acrylics.