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Full Version: Pedicure tub for small space
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Hey techs,

I need to buy a pedicure tub for the salon I'm moving into. I was thinking of the footsie bath. Any other suggestions,

You can also go with a beautiful pedicure bowl.
Is that the company name? Ill google it thanks
If you must use water, I'd recommend Belava.
I just got a Footsie ...have not used it yet - it was a toss-up between Footsie & Beleva ...Footsie being about half the price, so I choose Footsie ...both have the disposable liners. Both have great reviews from beauty techs - HTH!
Thanks ladies I decided on the footsie bath cosmoprof has it onsale for 99 with basket and 10 liners and 100 pk liners for 79. Cheapest I could find and I think it will be great now I just need a trolly