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Where do you keep your Gel Brush & Acrylic Brush? In a drawer or on top if your station.
I keep my acrylic brush tucked up in my table lamp springs between clients and my gel brush on my station in a Menda cup (got a cute porcelain floral print set - cup, pump and acrylic dish with lid at a workshop). Both of my brushes have caps, so I store them away in my drawer at the end of each day.

Bowie, MD
Labeled toothbrush holder
I used to keep my acrylic brush between my springs till I was told it was not good for my brush. I have been keeping both types of brushes in my desk drawer.
Keeping any of your brushes out in the open air like that when not being used is not a good idea.. normal dust and other contaminates will accumulate on the brush hairs and give you an inferior application.. at a minimum, place on a clean towel folded over the brush to protect it in your drawer... and put that on some sort of foil or plastic.. If you use acrylics, the residue will eventualy eat a hole in your drawer!
Thanks so much Debbie! This was useful as I did not know that. It's usually my practice brush I store out in the open, which I mostly use with my trainer hand. Either way, I don't want this to compromise the quality of my application.

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Bowie, MD
Thanks Debbie. I'm a seasoned tech but needed that reminder.
Welcome.. sometimes we all just have brain lapses Smile There is never anything wrong with a gentle reminder on the how what where or when Smile

I keep my brushes in my CND case, when not in use.