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Full Version: Bio Sculpt?
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anyone using Bio Sculpture? Just looking for some feedback on the line ...I'm not real experienced with gels - just looking to add gel mani-s. I'm not thinking of sculpting extensions ...just the 'polish' aspect - thanks!
I've looked at their system - I just don't like it that they force you to pay an exorbitant amount to take a class to be allowed to even TRY their product. IMHO, with all the soak off gels out there now they have lost their market advantage.
wow ...did not realize you could not just try the product - that changes things indeed! TY
Yes, and sadly when I've spoken to reps about it (three or four times in the past few years) they've been pretty snooty about it. Theirs is the BEST and needs to be exclusive so they know it's being used properly... like we don't know how to apply gel unless we've been trained personally by them! And classes are only available in limited locations at limited times. Not to mention that from what I understood, their prices are quite a bit higher than comparable systems. Too bad, I would have liked to check them out.