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Full Version: Tuff Enuff Nails
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Over the past several months T.E.N. "Tuff Enuff Nails" [ ] has been receiving complaints regarding products not performing as they once had, including service breakdowns and technicians & clients experiencing allergic reactions of redness and/or swelling and itching.

If you ordered TEN from the following distributors:
You have REAL T.E.N. products and you should not be experiencing any problems with your gels.

If you purchased T.E.N. from any other source, the products you received may not have been true T.E.N products. The service breakdowns and other issues you may have experienced from these products is very likely due to the substitution of our quality gels with a lesser quality product.

We appreciate the fact that you work very hard for your money and that you put your faith in your distributor. We would like to restore your faith and peace of mind in our wonderful T.E.N. products.
PLEASE send us the T.E.N. gel you purchased from an unauthorized source for a FREE replacement of REAL T.E.N. Gel.

Please email us @ [email protected] for instructions on shipping. If your product came from a Canadian or UK source, I will see to it that the AUTHORIZED distributors get your information.

Again, thank you so much to our loyal customers and your understanding. I will see that you are taken care of.

Brenda Anderson
Have a inquiries on who to email about returns. You can e-mail me and I will see to it that the proper distributor takes care of you.