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Full Version: new sets
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I'm just wondering how often do you give yourself a new set?
I do it when I've broke more than 4-5....
usually when they start to look like crap and I have free time! (about every 2-3 weeks)
About once every nine months not to often
Has needed
Once my natural nails are almost grown out under the tip. I hate how discolored they get and thats where they lift. Taking mine off this week.
I just pit a new set about a month & a half ago. my nails are all mine under neath. I am always doing a fill every week & the other gal I work with makes fun of me cuz I'm always doing something with my nails. Hers look like awful. But thanks, at least I know I'm not the only crazy nail gal who likes to have her nails look awesome.