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Hello! My name is Maya,I'm from Greece and I m a new member in this forum! I am a new nail technician and I want your help...!I don't know which company has the best products for my costumers nails, I want the best result for them...!On the other hand, I m searching for economical products, not very expensive because I can't have very high prices for my services!Can you feel me? I don't know which company is the most suitable for the proffessional and the costumer too.Pleeease girls... I want your help soon[/size][/font]!!
Hello Maya,
I'm from Sweden and we are also a manufacturer. When you consider buying products from the US and importing to Europe there's a couple of things to know.

Firstly, it's illegal for anyone to ship inflammable liquids by air courier. These must be sent by ship and they have to be declared as hazardous goods - which is a lot of extra paperwork, special packaging etc and so most reputable companies (those that don't send hazardous goods by post) will charge extra for that.

Secondly, you will legally be required to pay import duty to customs and VAT when the goods are imported, plus an import fee.

Thirdly, if you import cosmetic products to Europe that have not been imported before and have an active distributor, then you have to register the products with your local government database. That's in case there are any health problems and the doctors want to know more about the products. So also you have to have the MSDS and Safety and Risk documents.

So unless you want to buy from the "back door" and take a risk, it's cheaper and easier to buy from someone in Europe. There are a lot of companies selling cheap product - especially in Germany, Poland etc, but also some companies like us that offer top quality products at good value prices.

I know the economy in Greece is very hard now, and also the prices of nail products are quite high compared to other countries. But if you calculate the cost of material used per service for both cheap and mid-price products, the difference is actually less than 0.5€. So unless you are making nails for 10€, it's not worth the effort to buy cheap.

What is more effective is to develop your skills and reputation so that wealthier customers want you as their nail technician. That is the way to make money in this business, not buying the cheapest products (think how offended you might be if your hair stylist used cheap product on your hair, or your beautician used chinese cosmetics on your face).

The advice I give you is not as a manufacturer but someone who has helped other nail techs develop their careers, including my wife's.

I hope this helps.
Dear Bob,
Thank you very much for your advice and all this usefull information! I agree that cheap products rarelly have good results, but I m very new at this job and I use Brillbird or Crystal nails products , I buy them from my country,but the prices are high.I heard that CND, C-Marso, Peggy Sage, Opi, Mersa have good quality products too. Did you ever work with any of those companies? Do you have an opinion about them? As I understand It's difficult to have products from another country, but I can find a good company in Greece! If you ever use any products of them , please let me know...Sorry for my English...Thanks for everything! I really appreciate it!
Hi Maya,
CND, Peggy Sage and OPI all have fine reputations. I have not heard of the other companies. In the past Iryna used a lot of products from different companies because she was always looking for what was best for her. And that's really the point - the best way to go about this is to test the products yourself. Some people prefer medium viscosity gels, others prefer thicker viscosity, etc.

One way to make a short list of companies whose products you want to test, is to look at a) the nails that their educators make, b) does the company have a successful competition team, c) what advanced education do they offer and d) how long on the market and are they really international or just local?

For me, b) and c) are specially important because it tells me what knowledge they have in the company. To make great products, you need expert nail techs who can test and develop the products with the chemist who takes their wishes and makes them a reality. If they don't have those nail experts, I simply don't see how they can make great products - and that's where a lot of manufacturers fail in my opinion.

Rather than simply look for new products, it would be wiser to look for a company who can also help develop your skills later. That means they should offer advanced education. At the end the relationship between manufacturer/distributor and nail tech customer should be more like a partnership - where they provide the materials, tools and services that you need now and in the future.

Dear Bob,
I don't know how to thank you about your answer! All the information is very important and helpfull for me.I will follow your advice for sure.Your job is great!The photos at your site are just magic and so artistic!I wish I could create nails like those...Confused It's also important to have a friend like you, I know that anytime I can ask about your advice.Thank you again!Greetings from Greece!Wink