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Full Version: After 17 years!!!!!
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Want to share that after 17 years in the same salon an opportunity to move into a Beautiful Salon that has been my dream for years. SO EXCITED !!!!!! A pedicure room for a chic goddess minus the large fans... They supplied all the furniture and the towels.. Plus I love the owner and the girls are real sweet.. After 35 years I STILL LOVE NAILS..and life is GREAT !!!!!
Doesnt it feel GOOD to be in a business that long and STILL love what you do. I am on 20yrs and counting and loving it.
That's great !!
Congrats - hope it's everything you are hoping for!
Congrats, Good luck and great success!!
Thank you ladies!!!! Been doing pedicures and DON'T have to haul water around etc!!!! ;0). Happy Nail Artist......