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Full Version: Good acrylic comparable to Young Nails?
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I am looking for a good acrylic and am at a loss. I have used Young Nails and like it a lot after they sent me a sample but it is very hard for me to get my hands on since I live in Vancouver, BC.

I have a lot of EZ Flow and love their colors, but as I do gel nails WAY more than I do acrylics (and am still learning the in's and out's of acrylic) it drys a tad on the fast side for me. I also really like Hand & Nail Harmony's but my distributor for the company doesn't carry the acrylic, only the gelish.

Any suggestions? I have a lot of clients with very short nails beds so I need to do a lot of nail elongating, so something that has a coverage version is a must.

I have not tried CND or OPI and any input on any brand would be appreciated.

Also any tips on a good brush would be awesome, I keep buying ones that don't come to a good point Sad
I like CND retention+. It gives you time to play with it before it hardens.
Light elegance acrylic line is awesome!
I LOVE my Young Nails acrylic, but recently got some samples from Deenterprises, and then bought their promo package. So far I am loving this stuff ! I don't know if they ship to Canada ,but it would be worth checking into. I like that you can buy bulk sizes that are more cost effective. That is the only reason I will probably wean off of my Young Nails ....hth...Smile Oh, you can search some threads on here about Deenterprises and find some more info.
We have an acrylic like called Bullet Proof. It is a medium set system with a really smooth finish. I used it when I competed and that is why I chose to carry it.
Try NSI. I know some tech's really like that line too.
I like NSI Attraction, easy to work with and has a smooth finish.

Bowie, MD