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Full Version: Nail lifting at Hyponychium!?
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Hello nail world, I have a client that usually goes to me...she was my next door neighbor and recently moved! I was sad, I was also sad to see her go to another Nail tech...But she came to me with the question that the last lady that has been doing her nails is nice but her nails hurt underneath. She showed me and I took a picture, because it does look painful but have never seen this before unless you have cut that skin. She is wearing Black Schellac and does indeed have long hyponychiums. When I had done her nails in the past we never could file short enough as she would like them because it would hurt obviously to file the hyponychium....
But seeing them now it is a pocket where the skin has lifted from the nail....Its a little blury but hope anyone could help as to how to fix this problem because she is wanting to come back to me. And I definantly want to help her!
[Image: 2011-11-05122558-1.jpg]


We, as nail techs, aren't suppose to diagnose. More than likely the other nail tech didn't care about filing into the hyponichium and has caused her an issue. She may need to go to the doctor and have them checked. Keeping that area clean (use hydrogen peroxide or Listerine) and dry will help. Maybe even putting some Neosporin up under the nail before bedtime could help the healing process.

I would say if this wasn't an issue in the past when you did her, then do what you did before.
It sure looks like her nail beds are receding. YOu need to take off the nail product so a doctor and see what's going on. It's possible that the longer she waits to get treatment, the further back it goes and the LONGER it'll take to heal.


Is it just on that one nail? I have had a tiny bit of glue go under my own nail and I tried to pull it away only to rip my skin in half, so that my nail was still attached to the Hyponychium but right under that was torn making it look a lot like your photo. I also wonder if the tech filed under there at such an angle that she cut that section.
I too have long hyponichium's and I have had this happen as well when I was getting my nails done before I was liscenced. I would keep the are aclean and put neosporin on it during the day and let air dry at night it should feel better in a few days. Mine always did. Hope that helps.