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Full Version: acrylic and TEN
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It's been probably 2 years since I've done a set of acrylics... However, just started at a new salon and the owner wants me to apply a set of acrylics later this week. I've tried to talk her into gels, which I feel much more comfortable with, but she won't budge. That being said, I have a very limited supply of acrylic product. I basically have clear powder and monomer. I'm wondering if I can use TEN color explosion powders with acrylic and if so, how would I mix them? I'm betting she Will just want pink and whites, so if I could TEN's vibrant white and perfect pink powders I would be set! I'm hoping it could save new from having to run out and buy more acrylic product that I don't need....
Yes you can use our Color Explosion Powders with acrylic. They work GREAT!
Great! This will save meSmile how do I mix them? I know the acrylic to glitter ratio is is 3:1 a least I'm pretty sure that's it, wow, back when I ONLY did acrylics and gels were a 4 letter word I never thought I would forget this stuff! Is the ratio the same for the color powders?
You mix the pigments just enough to get the desired color and they mix pretty the same.
The pigments are wonderful for making your own gel polish. And if you have a gel polish color you don't like, you can change it!!!