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Full Version: Extra Income Ideas
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Hello there! I have been working as a nail tech for years. I have now been working from my home salon. Business is great, but I am looking for more ideas on how to make extra money other than doing nails. I am an Avon representative which is great too. I am always looking for more ways to make some more bucks!! What about good retail ideas...what sells on your shelves? Thanks!!!!
I'm going to be promoting toe rings and glitter tattoos to enhance pedicure services. For at home maintenance, I plan to retail mini scrubs and cuticle oil. I find selling it in smaller quantities allows me to move it faster. Clients don't feel like they're spending a lot of money on product that will take them a long time to use. Plus the at home maintenance makes my job easier when they come back to see me.

Bowie, MD
I offer a lot of made in the US retail items in my shop- I think right now I have about 45 artists/crafters. You can look on my website to see some ideas, both in the blog area and a page I have set up for the retail.

Also, you can sell things you make if you have some particular crafts you are good at. I sell some jewelry that I made using acrylic & gel nail art focal pieces. I also crochet, so I've been crocheting and then wet felting hats and purses and they sell really well.

About 30% of my salon income comes from retail.
Candice what is your website?
It's in the link under my posts.
Candace, I am so impressed with your site and retail items! Love the neck wraps!!!!!
sorry i spelled your name wrong, CANDICE
Thanks! I use one of those neck wraps in my pedi services - the are handmade and use organic fillers, my clients absolutely love them.
Candice, your site looks Great! Would you mind sharing some of your crafter & artisan info? I love the neck wraps, bath bombs & Rescue me bar!
check out
it's a free online jewelry boutique
A good percentage on my retail I found on It is a website to link up wholesale artists with retailers. All three of those items came from artists from that site.
Thank you for sharing Candice!! I'm always looking for great, unique retail items And ways to help out other small businesses, I will check out that site.