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Full Version: New to the BT board- Acrylic nails enthusiast
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Hi everyone! I'm new to the BT board, new to forums in general. I've recently received my manicurist/nail tech license and I'm doing nails out of my home temporarily. Business has been good so far I've just been having a hard time with my acrylic nails. They seem to be lifting sooner than expected not that they should lift at all. I've tried different primers including acidic and non acidic so I'm wondering if its my monomer or the powder. Could monomer become expired and not work as well once expired? Just wondering if there is a preference in product for you guys.. Also when applying gel polish to acrylic nails is it necessary to apply the dehydrator? These questions may seem like amateur questions to most of you but I'm very much a newbie to this profession! Any suggestions or advice will help.. Thanks!!
Hi there and welcome, welcome, welcome!

It could be the kind of primer you're using. And of course it depends on your client - some clients have more lifting than others. Two really good primers are Young Nails Protein Bond and Nailite's Something Wonderful, both are acid-free primers. Check out some of the previous posts on preferred primers as they may be helpful. Best of luck to you!

Bowie, MD
Are you making sure that the cuticles are removed thoroughly, and that the nail is buffed to remove shine also that no acrylic is touching the skin? Also, you should use a dehydrator prior to primer, All of those things will cause lifting. Gel polish can be applied to acrylics without dehydrator or base gel.