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Full Version: Ombre
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Have any of you done ombre nails using only gel polsh ? So far, I have not had great luck tinkering with it...maybe am missing a step or something. I have had the best success by using a gel polish color as my base, cure each coat, wipe off tacky layer ,apply ombre with acrylic paint ,top with TIO. Any thoughts ? Soooo loving the look ,especially when combined with glitter and rhinestones ! Any advice on spongeing colors on ?
If you're using Gelish, paint your base color on. Leave the tacky layer, it helps the color blend. Use a little bit of structure and mix with your second color. Then I paint a very thin French with the second color. Then I use the structure/color mixture to blend the French line into the base color so it looks smooth.

Some colors work better than others. I've had the best results using colors within the same color family. Hope that helps.
I've also used soak off gel, not gel polish, to create this effect. Just use the tiniest amount of gel and brush down towards the tip starting about 1/3 of the nail away from cuticles. Cure. Brush gel downwards starting further and further away from the cuticles. Cure after each layer. If it doesn't look smooth, take a bit of clear gel and use it to blend out the line before curing.

Hope that helps!
can yoy post a picture of these? would love to see how they look. thanks....
Hi there.

Sorry, I'm having trouble posting a picture but I have a picture of an ombre on my instagram @scotchtapeandrhinestones. Also, my salons @valleynyc has more.
It's actually easier to do it with dry pigment than it is to do with different gel colors, imo. You can check out pix of it on my "Nails by Donna" page, the link is in my signature at the bottom.