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Full Version: Taking Photos of Clients Finished Nails
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I could use some updated suggestions on how to go about taking decent photos of client's nails when completed.

How do you do this efficiently when you are having a busy day, but you finished a really nice set of nails you would like to capture in a photo?

What color towels work best for a backdrop? Sufficient lighting?

Do you have a permanent camera set up on a tripod, or do you just snap from your cell phone? Which turns out better, do you think? I did purchase a Lumix camera that I need to learn to use. I was considering a "gorilla tripod" - a tripod that bends to any shape - to hook to my table lamp so it would be ready when needed - but hey, this is all new territory so I am open to any and all suggestions...
Getting a pad of assorted scrapbook paper makes for a good backdrop. You can pick a design that brings out the colors or whatever. I just use my cellphone camera.
If there is any possibly way to set up a light box somewhere, you will get the best, most prefessional results. You can find tons of DIY light box tutorials online. If you can't have a permanent one, look for a mobile light box tutorial - you can find one that you can pop up. Otherwise - I would take some time to experiment with using what you have. Use your table light and try out flash vs no flash, distance from the hand, etc. If you can figure out the lighting and not use a flash, you'll get the best results - flashes tend to provide a glare at that close range.

Personally, I think photos of the person holding something look nicer - like their fingers wrapped around a nail polish bottle or even just cupped in that position like they are holding something. I think it makes the hand look the nicest.