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Full Version: It's Finally Here, Viper Gel!!!
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Gelousy Gel Nail Systems is proud to announce the immediate availability of our newest innovation, Viper Gel.

Viper Gel* by Gelousy utilizes the newest totally organic technology from the Amazon rainforest to enhance our newest gel formulation.

The Wild Amazon Viper ingests only indigenous organic Amazon fruits, plants and vegetables, which are then concentrated in its venom. Its venom is a super potent antioxidant formula that enhances the strength and durability of both Gel and the natural nail plate.

Despite being a vegetarian, the Wild Amazon Viper does hunt and bite prey, however its bite is a life giving antioxidant vitamin and mineral boost, much like you would get in a smoothie at your local health food store. This miracle bite is why the Wild Amazon Viper has been given the nickname “The Life Giver” by the indigenous people of the Amazon.

When extracted in a completely humane and sustainable way, the venom is then sent to the Gelousy laboratory where it is purified and concentrated before adding it to the gel formula. A proprietary active enzyme matrix formula is then added to complete the nail feeding and growth process.

When the gel is applied to the natural nail plate, the active enzymes go to work in the formula to convert the antioxidant vitamin and minerals into a form the nail plate can feed on. The enzymes then transfer the nutrients to the nail plate much like a mother playing “airplane” with her child. The nutrients then go on to enhance the strength, structure and respiratory system of the natural nail plate.
“We only use Fair Trade Viper Venom that is sustainably harvested by the indigenous people of the Sloof Lirpa province of the Amazon.” Said Erick Westcott, CEO of Gelousy.

“Now we can’t make any claims that this new gel cures cancer, even if it does. Nor can we say that the vitamins absolutely feed and assist the natural nail plate to breathe when covered by gel, even if it does. I mean, what happens to llamas if you don’t feed them? They die, right? Same thing with nails.” Said Erick.

This new gel formula is available for professional purchase only at your local beauty supply store and at Walgreen's now for just $49.95 for a .25oz bottle and has a pleasant mango scent. Search Youtube for application instructions.

*WARNINGS: Do not taunt Viper Gel. Viper Gel may induce “Night Terrors”, sleep driving or the sudden urge to sing show tunes. Viper Gel is illegal in Guam and parts of the East Indies. Do not fly for 24 hours after applying Viper Gel as it may lead gastro intestinal distress. A constant black oily discharge smelling of cookies from underneath the fingernails is normal, however it is not cookies, do not ingest.
And do not forget to enter the draw for an ocean front prperty in Florida valued at 2.5 Million!
April fools???
Lol! Funny
Erick, you never fail to disappoint! Thanks for the laughs!
OMG I can't wait till next year!!! Thanks to everyone that sent AWESOME messages to me!
Well done! Well done!!!