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Full Version: Gelish mini LED lamp
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Cruising thru sallys today and what happened to catch my eye but Gelish has a new mini led lamp for $60! Claimed to cure the Gelish in 45 seconds per layer.
Anyone else seen this? Wonder how this lamp would stand up to the larger more expensive models? My intrest is very peaked because i thought id never be able to afford an led but i dont now how they work. Like with uv there are different wattages and stuff. Are all leds the same? If so im jumping on this deal.
That LED at Sally's is just meant for home users for touchups and such. It by no means would stand up to professional use. It was originally put out with the "mini" kit.


I wonder if that light your talking about is different from the one I have bought and returned. It was the Gelish Mini led light for $19 and it was a very tiny travel size where you still had to cure for 2 min.

Are you sure it was Gelish brand? the only one new I saw there was an ASP 36 uv for 60 dollars.
Like C-C my nails said gelish has a mini, but that one costs 17 dollars, not 60.

Sobeit just post in the forum, a very good explanation between LED and UV light.

I recommend you to read all the posts because there is always something somebody already explained. :wink:
No this one was one id never seen before. Its not the Gelish 6g Led and it not the mini uv. It said mini LED and the back even gave instructions of how it cured the nails in 45 seconds. It was listed pro price for $60 but i didnt find it on the website or on the Gelish site. Im wondering if its something new. I always stop by the Gelish display to see the color swatches as i dont have a local distributor here and happened to see this new light sitting there. Course you know sallys workers have no clue about anything they sell so i figured yall might know.
Are you sure that it was just not a lamp that they were trying to promote and was even a H&NH product at all?
Yeah it was nail harmony. If i knew how to post pix from my cell id go get a pic. But it was just sitting there by itself. No display other than a price tag. it is smaller than a traditional uv but not tiny like the mini uv. Maybe 5 by 5 by 8? I really wanna go play with it but my uv lamp is brand new and i dont need to waste the money lol. Ima try to call harmony 2mrw and ask but i always get an answering machine.


In the back of my Nailpro mag current month, I came across the usual catalog page for PNI. They have an LED lamp, small, 4 fingers then thumb ( or what would be a single bulb uv lamp size ) for under $70. It says cures LED polishes. Not a specific brand, so I will get more confused at to what we can and shouldn't do. LOL dang.
Yeah my whole thought behind it is if one led is just as good as another then why should i spend $300+ on a lamp when i can buy a $60 one. And if you are using it for 45 seconds a layer then then you really aren't wearing it out. Im on reduced hours right now so Im only doing 3-5 sets a day so i think a mini might be worth it since it cuts your speed timewise. I could fit in more sets in my 6 hour day.


It could be worth a call to PNI and ask them about their lamp as well as Harmony and see what the difference is.
Manicuresthatlast will be selling a UV/LED lamp for under $200 I just don't know when. This lamp sounds so great to me, since I also need the uv bulbs to cure my hard gel and brands of sogp that can't do LED, but have the option to use that led with my Gelish. Just a thought.
What about the lightspeed gel polish and led lamp, I think it's premier nail source but am not positive. I think that led light is also single hand and then thumbs as well.
Ok i saw this yesterday at sallys and am wondering the same thing. i found it on sallys website, there's just not a picture, but it says it has 6 - one watt led bulbs. The girl at sally's didn't even know the difference between uv and LED. i'm licensed in skincare, not nail tech, and i even know the difference. ugh. so frustrating that store is. anyway, i've been looking online trying to figure out if this one would be worth the money. i want to get the gel polish to use at home, and would love an LED light to save time!

Gelish MINI Pro LED Curing Light
By: Gelish
Retail Price: $59.95
Professional Price: $49.95
Quantity: One
Sally Item #: SBS-724860
•Compact ergonomic design
•Six one watt LED bulbs
•Preset timer

The Gelish MINI Pro 45 LED Curing Light is especially designed to efficiently cure Gelish Soak-off Gel color and products from the Gelish MINI System for a beautiful manicure that lasts up to three weeks.

Features includes a preset forty-five second timer and six one watt LED bulbs that never need to be replaced. The compact ergonomic design allows for both comfort and to save table space. The MINI Pro 45 has consistent power and performance from the first second out of the box through to the 50,0000th hour.
I actually purchased this mini LED lamp to use at home on myself....... It worked except that it cured the Gelish so quickly that it pulled away from the free edge on every nail. I did my best with every coat to envelope the free edge, but it would pull back and leave the white edge showing. I took it back Sad