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Full Version: Electric file help!
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I've decided to invest in an e-file but need help on which to get? What are your favorites? Best bang for your buck? Thanks!
MT20 is the one I love. 22 years and still going strong!
I have Erica's portable M1 - it's my first e-file and I love it! If you get a chance to attend any trade shows this year, go around to the different booths and test the e-files. Hold them to see how light the hand piece is, so if you like the way it handles..get a feel for it before you purchase it. That's what I did prior to purchasing mine, and I'm so glad I did as I had no idea about what I wanted or what I was looking for in an e-file until I talked to some of the reps at the booths and learned the pros and cons of each one.

Bowie, MD