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Full Version: Rockstar Glitter Toe Party??
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Sorry for the last post...Confused Has anyone done any parties with 4-5 ladies? Any tips on your experience would be awesome. My Pedicure room is set up for two at a time (bench style) I have moved into a new salon (which I LOVE) after being in the same salon for over 17 years..... The time I was setting up I had a couple people want to book parties.... Thanks for your tips !!!!Wink
I have done parties of 5 or more but at their homes, and I had another esthetician to help so it only took less than 3 hours.

When I do two Pedi's I soak one and start pedi. having the 2nd soaking. do filing, cuticle work then I put mask on first lady and start the second, I put her mask on and go back to the first to massage and polish. and so on.