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Full Version: Rockstar Toe Party ??
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Has anyone done a
I'm mobile and plan to offer these this summer. I read in an article somewhere online that Classic Mully does these. If I recall correctly, I believe she has no more than 9 guests and charges each something like $65 each.

Tammy Taylor had a write up on her website a couple of months ago on how to host a pedi party, including rock star toes. If you send me an email to [email protected], I can send it to you. It was really helpful and gave me some great ideas.

Bowie, MD
Thanks Chrissy... Would love any help. !!!!
[email protected]
Hi- can you share that with me :-)
Hey ladies! I sent this to you. Anyone else interested, I cut and pasted the info below.



Nail Parties are the best way to TURBO BOOST your Nail Business!
Nail Parties are ADVERTISING and MARKETING not just a Nail Service!

"Doing a Nail Party is a lot of work if it is only a Nail Service, but if you think of it as a Turbo Boost Advertising and Marketing tool to build your business FAST, it gives you a whole different mental attitude and perspective. Then all your "Nail Parties' will be FUN and Never Feel Like Work".

Two Seasons a Year Book Nail Parties':
♥Spring Time: Offer One Nail Party Appointment a Week for May and June (8 Nail Parties)
(Weddings, Bridal Showers, Proms, etc.)
♥Christmas Time: One Nail Party Appointment a Week for November and December (4-6 Nail Parties)
♥All the Other Months in the Year: Offer Only One Nail Party a Month by Appointment
"The New Clients you pick up during these 2 popular seasons will keep your business energized the whole year."
If you are only One Nail Tech in a Salon:
♥Recruit one of the Hairdressers to do the Express Pedicures for you
♥Network with other Nail Technicians in your area and recruit them

BOOK 4-6 Clients for One Nail Party (min 4 max 6)
One Professional for each 2 Clients
4 Client Nail Party = 2 Professionals
6 Client Nail Party = 3 Professionals
(50% non-refundable deposit in advance)

Set Nail Service Menu:
♥Spa Manicure with an Express Dry Pedicure
♥Acrylic Nails with an Express Dry Pedicure
♥Gel Nails with an Express Dry Pedicure
(Have 1-2 Professionals doing clients Fingernails and 1 Professional doing a different client's Toes, and then every client is having something done without a lot of down time. Don't do Fingers and Toes at the same time unless you have 1 Professional for each Client.)

This will Depend on what the client wants, but everyone loves Deserts, Coffee and Tea.

Schedule Ideas:
Thurs or Friday Night 6-9
Saturday 12-3
Promotion and Follow-Up:
♥All Social media-Facebook-Twitter- Etc. Let everyone know you are doing Nail Parties and Post each Nail Party afterwards with a picture and Testimonials.
♥Make a Cute Little Flyer and pass out to every Client, let them know you are doing Nail Parties
♥Make a Coupon to Give every Client who attends a Nail Party to get them coming back and telling their friends.
♥Get emails and Cell phones, send out promotions

Have Fun and you will always have a Great Nail Day,
Tammy Taylor

Bowie, MD