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Full Version: Hair Salon Website Help!
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Hello Everyone!

Looking for some advice on the website that my husband and I are currently building for my Hair Salon. A little background, I am currently the owner operator of Heather AnnZ Salon. I have been in business since about 2008. I am currently renting a booth but would like to have my own salon in the future. My husband has been working non stop on my website. We both think that it looks pretty good. If you want to check it out there should be a link in my signature.

The question that I have revolves around search ranking. I have done everything that I can think of to specifically target the most searched for keyword about hair salons in my area. I have gotten to the middle of the second page of google. This doesn't generate any traffic to my site. I am working to get on the first page. All of the advise that I can get says create a blog, did that, generate unique content, did that, etc.etc. the one suggestion that I am having trouble with is creating guest post on high ranking blogs. I am looking for some hair salon blogs for salon owners to possible submit some guest articles to to gain some traction in the online world.

Any Suggestions?
If you ever wondered why some local hair salons manage to hang around longer than others, it's usually because the owners have their fingers on the pulse of a community's needs.Running a successful salon takes more than just great products and a swanky-looking decor.

In urban areas in particular, there seems to be a high turnover of both salons and the stylists that work inside them. While the fundamentals of running a great hair salon are quite simple, you would be surprised by how many of them are actually overlooked.

Great resource!