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Full Version: Graham Professional Paraffin Strips
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Have any of you used these strips? I tried them once for a pedicure, but it didn't work out too well. I dipped the strip in the paraffin, wrapped the foot and placed a plastic bag over it. Maybe the way I wrapped the foot was incorrect? I would like to start offering paraffin foot treatments to my spa party guests if I can figure out how to properly use them. What methods/techniques work best for you?

Bowie, MD
I think those are mostly used for facials or bacials. You dip it and lay it over the skin. As far as feet go most people dip the foot in the warmer, or put the paraffin in the bag and dip the foot in the bag. I find the second way to be messy and wasteful, but some people believe it to be more sanitary. Also it takes time to let that wax cool down before you can put it on their feet.