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Full Version: **My latest work!
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The latest nails I have done, all in acrylic!
[undefined=undefined][Image: 20130323_200929_zpsdfcb0004.jpg]
[Image: 20130323_081014_zpsee3e825d.jpg]
[Image: P3220450_zpsd88892bf.jpg]
[Image: 20130313_184236_zps015b12a0.jpg]
[Image: P3130447_zpsc70d62d0.jpg]
[Image: P3040444_zpse635022b.jpg]
[Image: P3040439_zpsfcfda4e2.jpg]

[Image: 20130302_221816_zps896dda89.jpg]
[Image: 20130302_221805_zpsb95f15a6.jpg]
THey are all beautiful! My favorites are thefirst ones and last ones. You are so talented.
They are all very nice! Really like the 1st one! Great Work!
Wonderful, I too like the first ones the best but they all are very nice. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you so much I am glad you like them!


So beautiful, can you teach me please?
These are GORGEOUS!!
Your work is gorgeous! You are very creative. They are all beautiful - the first set it so inspiring! I'm going to try a similar design on toes if you don't mind? Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Bowie, MD
As always, these are beautiful. The first is my favorite. I may have to try it. Great work.
Of course you can try these designs, we all get inspired by other people's work don't we?
I am very happy you like them! I miss all other tech's work we used to see in here, I notice there are not many posts of pics as there used to be sometime and I don't see many of these techs in here...Sad