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Full Version: Phillips (or Sylvania) 9watt gel bulbs, best source?
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I've been buying them from Nailite, but is there a good source that beats their price? or shipping?

Currently $8.49 each
with shipping $8.95

A fair price but something goes wrong each time, last time charged a higher shipping rate than should have been, this time all my account and log in info is gone, they say "no record of any purchase"
fill it all in again...
Hoping for something that takes less babysitting
If the site had worked, I'd have ordered it last week, now realized I should shop first.... maybe it was a favor ;-)
I may have the wrong website, they tell me the order number of my last purchase is the order number of a sale to Malta....
You made me wonder, too. I just called my local Lowe's. The man I spoke to was with another customer so couldn't go look for an exact price but said they were about $5-6, and I did ask for Phillips. If I'm not mistaken, Wal-Mart also carries them.
They really have UV bulbs? I never thought to check...
PL-s 9W/10/2P

Walmart has the florescents but not UV

I never thought to ask fish tank stores or something....
I'll have to call, but I'm surprised. I tried local lighting stores, they argued with me saying I had the wrong number what I want is the fluorescent ;-)

Years ago I purchased some from a bulb supplier in the south, really good price but they don't seem to be in business anymore. I'm amazed at the mark up some product people have, they must pay a fortune for them ;-)
Not all uv bulbs work the same, so be careful buying from a hardware store!
That is why I am shopping for Phillips with the part number
cuts down on confusion
Please let us know when you find them locally at a good price. I'm tired of paying too much for the Phillips (Sylvania) bulbs.
I did buy them at Nailite... best price and they know the difference between fluorescent bulbs and UV, better price if you buy ten but I am watching the results of the LED lamps/gels... maybe.... so I didn't want to commit to another year. Only heads up... last time co-worker and I shared the order of ten (pity they are not sets of four, the way we use them) but the bulbs did not fit in her NS lamp... they fit all my Light Elegance, Brisa... Gelousy lamps but not hers. Strange because the ns bulbs fit my lamps (though they are not as good)
oddly, sent four emails to Phillips because even on their website the id on the bulb brings up fluorescent kitchen bulbs... no reply from Phillips
some day when I have nothing else to do I will write to Phillips... no wonder other sites are so confused, the the manufacturer is not involved in keeping the products identified... yikes....