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Full Version: Sheekee Help!!!
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Hey when they were having their sale this summer I bougjt like 10 sets of these and I tried to apply ONE to my daughters nails and OMG i cant figure it out!!! It seems like this stuff is really thick. I expected more of a "film" that would conform to the nail.
So what am i doing wrong?? I dont get it. Please offer up any and all advice please....... thank u !!![/b]
size your fingers or toes first to each strip,, get some thin scissors incase you need to cut the width.
get your blow dryer hot and flash it over the strip and it will get a bit more plyable.
buff the nail or toe, prior to heating to remove the shine. (forgot that one)
apply from one side to the other, when its been heated you can stretch it a bit easier. smooth it out working from one side put pressure from cuticle to fe up and down working your way over to the other sidewall.
get scissors and trim if too wide or trim the length by pulling down over the fe and cut
then get a glass file or 240 grit file and hold your file up and down and gently file the edge downward so it will seal the edge.. if you are going to use acrylic or gel you must buff the shiney off the top lightly. or if you are going to just do on natural nail buff lightly and use polish uv sealer.

you can just apply to tips and apply acrylic over them or gel. if gel make a base of gel cure and buff shine off and leave an edge for the top gel to stick..this encapsulates the film into the gel.

i hope this makes sense.. its been a really long day for me
Okso u heat up the strip with the hair dryer?? I was trying to heat the strip after i put it on the nail cuz i really thought i saw a video with them heating and stretching it while on the nail. But i will try this. I just thght they are so so thick. Dont you think so?? Is Minx a thinner product??
So do these wear well over natural nails? And toes?? Thank u btw!!!!
well i tried with the hair dryer on the nail and it just gets too but my dryer is reg size..
yes some of them are kinda thick but they are great for toes or if you want to put them with acrylic over them..
the new kid on the block is now mystique and they are thinner, minx is really thin but you really need the heat lamp which you can use a critter bulb in an industrial type fixture (outdoor or animal lamp)
i have really not gotten any of them to stay long on the natural nail without sealers but they do stay a long time on the toes .


I had heard to get a mini dryer, something you might use for traveling. The rep I talked to said those will work good for their product.

Have you seen the new Dashing Diva DesignFX? They sent out free samples in the NailPro December magazine. Really thin like polish and they have some with raised crystal look. I may be checking into those, depending on how expensive they are.