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Full Version: Disinfectant for implements
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I am wondering what type of disinfectant you use for your implements. (ie, cuticle nippers, pushers, etc)
I have a BAAAADDDD habit of washing my implements, and then essentially "storing" them in the disinfectant.
Does anyone else do this? Not sure if it's my disinfectant, or the implements, but, I have a problem with rusting....
So, I am just wondering what you all are doing Smile
I use ultracare. I don't leave them overnight though, but they're definitely in there for more than 10 min.
I use Let's Touch and I leave my nippers, pushers and curette in all the time. It's meant to leave your implements in without rusting.
I use Barbicide and leave my implements in it all day, rinsing, drying and packaging for sterlizer at night, and I have never had any issues with rusting.
I have had rust problems with other disinfectants though...Very discouraging.
Barbicide is ok?
Barbicide is an EPA Approved, Hospital grade disinfectant, so yes, it is okay. Some states require a tuberculocide, in that case barbicide plus would do it.
For surfaces, I use Accel TB surface disinfectant, it is a little pricey, but it covers bacteria, fungi, viruses And TB, without dyes or an odor, but it is only approved for surfaces. I had heard that Accel was going to be coming out with an approved implement immersion disinfectant, but I have not located it yet.
I use barbicide as well and have only had one nippers rust on me in my past 11 years. Of course they were my expensive pair.
Do you sanitize before disinfecting?
Of Course. Wash in hot water, with a scrub brush & soap, rinse, place in barbicide until the end of the day. Smile
Just checking because when my hairdresser dropped her comb on the floor and put it straight into the barbicide, I asked aren't you going to clean that first> Her response was Why? - I said because you are supposed to and the conversation carried on from there. In the end she agreed to change her ways.
It never hurts to ask, you cannot be too sure that someone knows the correct procedures, unless they say so. It sounds like you helped her out, not only opening her eyes to the correct way to handle sanitizing, Then disinfecting, but you may have just saved her from a hefty fine by the state board.
Do any of you use nipper oil? I do, and it really does help when I've left my nippers in the barbicide too long.

Bowie, MD
I have used the nipper oil but i now use cuticle oil.